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Daily Role-Playing Increases Insurance Sales

For insurance sales agents, role-playing can be a perfect way to sharpen skills.
Role-playing insurance sales scenarios prepares agents to not only deliver pitches, but become better problem solvers while learning to be quick on their feet.
It also reveals gaps in knowledge, gives the insurance agent opportunities to ask questions working to shed bad habits before they call their leads.
Role-playing is great for novice and veteran insurance agents alike. Just as a veteran major league baseball player practices hitting every day – insurance salespeople need to refine their craft.

Some tips on a successful role-playing training session:

  • Give every session a subject to follow such as gaining rapport with customer, closing, or handling complaints.
  • Make it challenging by encouraging the participants portraying the customer to be demanding, standoffish or hesitant. As the salespeople skill up, have the “customer” raise the challenge level.
  • Have others observe the role-playing and seek comments on what the salesperson has done especially well. Stress positivity. It can ward off defensiveness.
  • For entry-level hires, provide them with a script.
  • Let salespeople know, rejections aren’t personal. Have some scenarios in which a sale doesn’t happen.
  • Test the salesperson’s listening skills. Tell the “customer” to throw in some inaccurate facts about products or services to make sure the salesperson is paying attention.
  • Management should be directly involved. This includes playing the role as the salesperson in the exercise. After all, it is the sales leader’s job to model the desired sales behavior


The importance of daily role-playing

Role-playing should not just be a one-time event. Insurance agents should aim to practice every day. It doesn’t have to take forever, it’s helpful to break role plays down into smaller, bite sized pieces so that reps can focus on mastering one thing at a time so they can be ready to call their leads.
Role-playing is a powerful tool. It can bring tremendous growth and prepare insurance sales reps for whatever their leads throw at them. And don’t forget —  the goal of role-playing is to create a stronger, more confident sales rep, but have a little fun with it.
After sharpening their skills, insurance agents need to take as many shots as possible to further skill up. That requires having lots of prospects to call. Secure Agent Leads can help with that.
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