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Develop a System for Selling Insurance

In order to be a successful insurance agent, every agent should have a system for selling insurance.
Here at Secure Agent Leads, Cody has his system simplified and titled:

Triple S: Set, Sit and Sell.

This means every insurance agent should set 15 appointments from their leads, sit with 10 people, and sell at least 5 on a weekly basis. Having a simple system for selling insurance helps agents remain motivated by tracking insurance sales numbers while providing accountability towards crushing goals.
Insurance agents should be asking themselves:

  • How many calls have I made?
  • How many conversations have I had?
  • How many appointments have I set?
  • How many policies have I written?


Set 15 Appointments Per Week

Here’s some perspective – If your goal is to set 15 appointments every week, but you only set one out of every three conversations you have when calling leads – you need to have 35 conversations. So, how many calls do you have to make? If you only have three conversations out of every call, that’s 135 dials you have to make. Let’s be conservative and say you only sell to three of your clients — giving you just a 30% closing rate. Out of three, say your average annual premium would be $2,160.
What agent wouldn’t like to make $2,000 per week selling insurance? If all it took was picking up the phone 135 times, wouldn’t that be worth it? To accomplish this would take three hours of dialing leads, giving you 165 hours a week to do whatever you want.

Work Harder Than Your Competition

However, two problems keep this from happening for the 92 percent of insurance agents that fail out of the business in the first three years:

  1. They don’t have leads
  2. They’re lazy

Those 92 percent either have no leads to call in the first place. Agents that don’t pick up the phone enough will see their insurance sales start to suffer. If you don’t pick up the phone, you don’t have the conversations you need, so you don’t set the number of appointments you need. If you’re saying, “I’m not good on the phone, I only set an appointment one out of every five calls….” Then pick up the phone more! If you break down those three insurance sales out of 135 calls from earlier, that is $16 made each time a number was dialed. When you figure out the numbers for your business, you can set weekly goals and know how much time you will need to dedicate to the phone.
If you simply don’t have enough prospects to call, Secure Agent can help! For information on purchasing leads click here.

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