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Five insurance selling strategies to close leads

After a story we heard the other day, we realized how badly some agents need better insurance selling strategies to close their appointments.
An insurance agent reached out to us and said he ran 40 appointments and closed four deals.
That is a major problem.
So, we’re going to go over six of our favorite ways to close insurance leads. We have multiple closes because you won’t be able to use the same close in every situation.

Either/Or insurance selling strategies

You may have also heard this called the win/win or alternate choice close.
This isn’t our favorite one, but we use it when someone is pushing for specific amounts.
The technique is that you give your customer two choices, both of which result in a completed sale. If you ask a question with only one choice, it is much easier for your prospect to give you a yes or no answer. We already know that if “no” is an option, then it probably isn’t the best type of question to ask.
To employ this, show two options and then ask the prospect, “So, which of these two do you prefer?”

Takeaway close

We would use this if they appear they aren’t very invested in your presentation or otherwise uninvested.
The takeaway close removes maybes. It forces them to make a decision now and makes them feel like you’re telling them you don’t need their business. You’re doing them a favor by trying to provide coverage.
Here’s how to phrase this close to your insurance leads: “We can’t help everyone. That may be your situation, unfortunately. But, if you would like, we can see. Would you like me to go on?”


There’s three reasons people do anything. They need it, they like it, and they can afford it.
So, here’s how to use this close: “You need this don’t you? *wait for yes* Do you like it? *yes* And you can afford it? *yes* So, it makes sense for us to do business today.”

Three options close

When using this close, we show three options they qualify for and write them largest to smallest.
Before you show them the options, you show them five benefits to the policy, make them pick a favorite, and then say, “Thank you for allowing me to show you the benefits to you. I’ve got three options for you and they all come with those five benefits, especially the (favorite benefit) which I know you love. I think I know which one you’re going to choose, but I need you to tell me.”

No call-back close

When an insurance lead says they need to think about it and ask for you to call them back, bring this out.
“I understand and I wish I could, but unfortunately I have a no call-back policy. You have everything you need to make an informed decision today. So, why don’t you just take it?”
Or, there’s an even more aggressive way to use it. “I hear you. Unfortunately, I have a no call-back policy. This is because we’ve had people say they were going to think about it. They didn’t. Then, they passed away. Guess who their family blamed when their loved one didn’t have insurance? They blamed the last agent that was there. I don’t want to be the one who is blamed. You need it, you want it, and you can afford it. So, I recommend you go ahead and take it. What’s your full legal name so we can see if you can get approved?”
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