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Four Must-Haves When Contacting Aged Leads

Working aged leads is certainly a grind, but the return on investment is so high insurance agents keep going back to the well.
Like we’ve said before, no matter what product line — aged life insurance leads, aged health insurance leads, etc. — it will require buying leads in bulk to capitalize.
If you’re looking into this prospecting system but aren’t sure how to deal with attempting to contact thousands of people to find those buyers, don’t worry. Secure Agent Leads is here to help.

Get a dialer

A predictive dialer that can call at least three different lines simultaneously is a must.
This will save you time by screening out busy signals, no-answer, answering machines and disconnected numbers automatically.

Nail down a good script

Have a good script you’re comfortable with so you don’t have awkward pauses where you don’t know what to say.
Stuttering or stopping in inopportune times is asking for the client to insert an objection.
Equipped with a good script, you’ll always have the confidence you need to keep up conversation with your clients

Stay positive

Trying to find sales with aged leads is a numbers game.
You’re going to run into a lot of rejection.
You’ll want to run through the list more than once because sales typically happen between the 5th and 12th contact. So, you’ll have to be OK hearing “no” a lot.
Therefore, it is imperative to keep a positive attitude and remain motivated.

Compare the right numbers

Salesmen, understandably, get caught up in close percentage.
But if you’re going to look at the percentage of leads you close out of how many you bought and then compare that to fresh leads, you’re going to get discouraged.
Instead, look at it this way:
If you were to buy 1,000 aged life insurance leads at a dollar a piece and then sell only 0.8% of them, you sold eight policies.
That’s going to be around $4,000 commission meaning a $3,000 profit.
With a dialer helping to call, in this example, these 1,000 aged life insurance leads, this kind of result is absolutely plausible.
It wouldn’t be going too far out on a limb to say you could even buy twice the aged leads and get an even better ROI.
Looking for a source for aged insurance leads? Secure Agent Leads offers them through exclusive ad campaigns customized to your needs.

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