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How to Write Higher-Premium Insurance Sales

Many insurance agents wonder how they make more sales than another agent they know but make less money. More often than not, it has nothing to do with commission. Rather, it is because the other insurance agent is making higher-premium insurance sales. Secure Agent Leads has come through with three tips to help you make more insurance sales with higher premiums:

Relationship with the client

Developing a relationship with your client is a huge part of sales, whether you like it or not. Insurance agents can do this early on in the fact-finding phase by simply asking questions. Get to know your clients. Ask them about their kids or their hobbies. It doesn’t have to be intrusive, but sharing a little non-work information can strengthen your relationship with your clients. Too many insurance agents complain and say this is too hard or they don’t know what to talk about.
OPEN YOUR EYES when you’re in their home! Look around and see what sticks out with their decor or other items. Find a picture of a family member or friend and say it’s a nice picture and ask who it is. If you’re on the phone, ask a random question while you’re “looking up information.” Favorite music, sports, or even simply asking what their hobbies are is fine. Building a better relationship with a client causes them to trust that you will show a policy that fits their needs and helps them to disregard the price.

Show the value

Don’t rush through the benefits of the policy! Spend a little time and ask insurance leads how they like each one. Further on in the pitch, repeat the things they said about the benefits. Say things like, “I know the price lock is your favorite feature.” Cody Askins, owner of Secure Agent Leads, likes to show five major benefits to each policy and break down how the benefit works and why it pertains to the client’s needs. Doing this not only shows the client why they need the product but it will also cause them to start thinking it will be more expensive than it really is.

Selling out of your own wallet

Just because you can’t afford it, doesn’t mean your insurance leads can’t. Don’t assume a premium that would give you sticker shock will do the same thing to your potential client. One of the biggest reasons one agent will average $40 a month and another agent will average $70 a month is because the former isn’t showing large enough policies.
Show quotes based on what the prospect needs not based on what YOU THINK they can afford. They will tell you if they can’t afford it. Start showing bigger options than what you’re used to showing and, voila, you’ll start making bigger insurance sales simply because you’re trying.
Ready to make more higher-premium insurance sales? Secure Agent Leads has qualified insurance leads custom-generated to your demographic needs.

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