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Leave Professional Voicemails to Get More Calls

Insurance agents oftentimes have a bad habit of not leaving professional voicemails.
So much so, there’s opposing views on whether or not to leave voicemails in the first place.
However, there is an effective way to leave professional voicemails that do convert.
Secure Agent Leads is here with benefits and tips to leaving messages your insurance leads will return.


If a number calls you that you don’t know, do you ever answer it on the first call? I’m willing to bet you don’t.
And if you miss a call and see that it is a random number, are you going to call it back? Again, I’m sure you just forget about it.
But if you leave a professional voicemail, they’re going to listen to make sure it wasn’t something important.
Think about this: You probably send thousands of emails and only a portion of them get through filters and then even fewer are opened. What’s the difference between that and leaving a voicemail?
Nothing. And if the message is effective, you’ll receive the same percentage of conversion. If not better.

How to be better

When you’re leaving a business voicemail to your insurance leads, one of the first things to remember is to keep it short.
Too many insurance agents leave messages that go on forever and they give the recipient information overload.
The optimal business voicemail is under 30 seconds.
Say something like, “Ms. Betty! It’s Cody with Secure Agent Leads. I’m getting back to you about the final expense information you requested. I’ve got great news. Call me back at 833-402-4368.”
It’s short and simple and gives them incentive to call back. You’re not trying to close the deal on the message. Your goal is to get them interested enough to call back.
If you’re calling from a number that can receive text, you can even tell them it’s OK to text you back.
That’s a lower-pressure way for them to reach out and if our new feature with our leads is any indicator, increases the chance they’ll contact you.
In fact, we’re now seeing that 14% of our insurance leads are making the first contact with agents.
Ready to start reaching out to some leads and work on leaving effective voicemails? Secure Agent Leads delivers the best insurance leads in the industry and is trusted by 10,000 agents every day.

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