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Life Insurance Field Underwriting Tips

Life insurance is one of the harder policies for insurance agents to sell in bad economic times or to younger families.
To help polish agents and boost their close rate on their life insurance leads, Secure Agent came up with three tips:

Keep it simple

Don’t contract with tons of life insurance carriers. Don’t try to do everything everyone else does. Just focus on a couple carriers that you can learn the underwriting guide and health questions backwards and forwards that you can recite just like you recite the alphabet.
This helps with one of the most common reasons that an insurance agent can’t make a sale — They aren’t confident that they are going to make the sale. When you are trying to set an appointment with a lead, you have to be more sold that you are going to make the sale than the lead is you aren’t going to make it.

Listen carefully

Great salespeople will listen to their clients to help select their offerings.
A good tip suggested by many successful insurance agents is to repeat back to the customer what they tell you. Not only will it help you identify their needs, it will show the client you are listening and help you build a relationship with them.
By listening, it will also help you come up with good questions to ask them to help them realize their needs may not be what they think they are. Have you ever gone into a store to buy something and after bumping into a salesperson realized you needed something different to fit your family’s needs?
This comes from asking questions such as, “Do you think this amount of coverage will be enough to cover your family and their college education?”

Prepare for common objections

This goes back to having confidence. Insurance agents will lose a customer if they can’t handle an objection. If you get mad, say “I don’t know” or struggle to come up with an answer, it makes you appear to lose confidence in your product.
So, research some of the common objections you’ll receive from your life insurance leads such as, “I can’t afford permanent life insurance” and counter quickly. A rebuttal to the prior question would be “Term life insurance is an affordable alternative in times you can’t afford whole life.”
Need more life insurance leads to go out and try to sell now that you have these three tips? Secure Agent Leads has exclusive, real-time life insurance leads that are confined to your demographic needs.

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