Life insurance sales

Make life insurance sales easier with better phrasing

Trying to hit your life insurance sales quotas is hard enough.
Don’t make it any tougher by using incorrect or substandard phrasing.
What do we mean?

Weak phrasing kills life insurance sales

Let us show you this call (names changed to protect the guilty) and see what you think:

*Lead answers the phone*
“Hi, this is Cody Askins from Secure Insurance. Can I talk to Ms. Betty? This is Ms. Betty? Hi! How are you today? I’m calling because I think you filled out a form online looking for some insurance.”
*awkward pause*

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. We can help.
Firstly, don’t ask if the correct person answered the phone. Assume they did!
For example,  if a woman answered the phone in this scenario, start the phone call by saying, “Hey, Ms. Betty!”
Furthermore, don’t ask how the caller is doing. While you may think you’re being polite, you’re actually inviting an objection immediately.
How so? It’s a cliché telemarketer phrase.
Another bad question we hear a lot is, “Is this a bad time?”
Again, you’re literally asking them to object and say, “Yeah, it’s a bad time.”

Perfect phrases

When calling insurance leads, this is a perfect script that we use consistently:

Hello, (lead’s first name)?
[wait for confirmation]
Hey, this is (your name). I’m getting back to you about your request for the new (your product) information. I’m the local field underwriter and I’ll be out in your area on (insert day), should I drop this information off in the morning or in the afternoon? [set within the next 48 hours] Is (insert time) or (insert time) better?

This script does three things for you:

  1. Assumes the correct person answered
  2. “I’m getting back to you” lets them know they asked for the information
  3. Sells a drop-off time

By using this script, you will avoid causing objections yourself.
This doesn’t mean you won’t get objections at all. People who buy have 53% more objections than those who won’t. But it’ll get you out of your own way during your life insurance sales.
Also, this script finishes with a question.
By finishing all of your phrases with a question, it keeps you in control of the conversation.
If you need insurance leads to try out you newfound information on phrasing and scripting, we can help! Secure Agent Leads has exclusive, real-time life insurance leads designed to your demographic needs.

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