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How Self-Discipline Boosts Insurance Sales

In the insurance sales world, it is imperative that agents are self-starters and keep their foot on the gas.
Going 100 percent every day is not easy, however, and sometimes the drive just isn’t there some days.
Cody Askins, Owner of Secure Agent Leads, has three rules he uses to help with his self-discipline:

Write down your insurance sales goals every day

Physically writing your goals down, studies show, commits them to memory. Doing it every day should make it foolproof.
Want to increase your close rate on your final expense leads? Write down a goal to track your numbers and identify where you’re coming up short in insurance sales (not enough touches, setting appointments, or closing at the end) and then make it a goal to beat your percentage each week. Find material to study on how to close final expense leads and practice through role-playing or other means of practice.
Be sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. — Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Make it public

This may be scary but, to paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt, nothing worth doing comes easy.
Making your goals public puts pressure on you to commit and accomplish them.
Post on your personal social media that you’re struggling with your insurance sales and want to convert more of your final expense leads. Post your results each week.
Don’t worry about their reactions. This is for you, not them. People who doubt you and post negative comments are usually jealous because you aren’t afraid to go after your goals like they are. Instead, use it as fuel and proof that you are uncommon and bound to be part of the 8% in this business that make it longer than 3 years.

Don’t add time

DO NOT waver on your deadlines and put off starting your goal.
The time to jump on your goals is NOW when you feel the urge to accomplish them. Especially in the insurance sales world. Pointing back to the example of improving conversion rate on final expense leads, doing so would mean more money, right? So, wouldn’t it make sense to start working towards that goal as soon as possible?
These are just three rules that Cody Askins follows. There are many other blogs or books offering advice on how to accomplish your goals but it all boils down to: Do it and do it now.
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