Selling final expense insurance at an appointment

Selling final expense insurance with a system

New insurance agents often find selling final expense insurance isn’t as easy as it seems.
Once they’ve hit up close friends and family or are a couple weeks in and not earning money, they panic.
What are they doing wrong?
Most of the time, it’s two things:

  1. They aren’t seeing enough people
  2. In all honesty, they don’t know what they’re doing

So, in this article we’re going to take a look at helping with those two things by implementing a system for selling final expense insurance.

Numbers for selling final expense insurance

Newbies in the insurance industry look too far into the future of a process and give themselves anxiety.
Meaning, they worry about the end outcome: Making a sale.
The most important thing, especially early on, is just seeing enough people.
You’ll run into a few sales along the way as long as you get enough appointments set.
Therefore, track the number of people you are contacting, setting appointments with, sitting with, and selling.
Eventually, you’ll see the correlation.
Here’s the system for building success:

  • Have 30 leads per week (don’t have to be bought)
  • Set 15 appointments
  • Sit with 10 (adding a buffer here for no-shows)

Depending on your skill level, which will increase as you continue to have appointments, will depend on your sales.
But if you only sell three policies a week from this system, you could very well be looking at $100,000 per year depending on your commission level.
Don’t think you can come up with 30 new leads per week?
Try using the Rolling 100 method.

Train every day

This is taking care of that second problem — not knowing what to do.
Now, implementing that system will take care of a good portion of this. You have targets to hit every week and by prospecting, calling, and sitting with people every week will help you skill up.
To start getting better exponentially, work on your weaknesses every day.
Record your calls and listen to yourself. Listen to a call you set an appointment and compare it to one you didn’t.
On the ride home from a sale, think about what you did well. Once again, compare it to one you didn’t.
Role play with friends, family, peers on presentations.
Buy audio books to listen to while working out, driving, or making dinner.
Go to conferences and sales seminars.
Insurance agents who do these things are the ones you see driving in nice cars, living in nice homes, and doing the things you want to do. They didn’t fall backwards into success.
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