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Selling mortgage insurance to your “rolling 100”

New insurance agents in the mortgage insurance business often rely on their warm market to get started.
But, when the close friends and family run out so do the sales and the agent becomes a part of the 92% who fail out of the industry within three years.
What if we told you we had a trick that keeps your warm market full of prospects?
That would be a game-changer, right?
We call it the “Rolling 100” and you’re probably already catching on as to what it is.

How the “Rolling 100” works

When you’re done selling mortgage insurance to your friends and family, your warm market is not done!
The Rolling 100 works like this: Write down 100 names and numbers of people you know or know you.
These names could be people you used to work with, people from church, anyone you work out with, teammates from high school or college teams, and so on.
After you contact them and get a yes or no, take them off the list.
Immediately after, put a new name on the list to keep the list at 100.
An insurance agent without insurance leads is unemployed. This will keep your pipeline full of prospects so you never run out of people to contact.
Your goal when contacting the Rolling 100 is to simply schedule an appointment.
If you’re hesitant to pitch the names on this list, think about this:
There’s a reason beyond the fact they’re free leads you don’t want to ignore your warm market. If something happened to them and they lose their house, you’re going to feel awful for not trying to protect them.

How to pitch mortgage insurance to this list

So, how do you present the idea of mortgage insurance to a warm market prospect?
We’ve got two ideas:

  1. Ask to meet for lunch or dinner
  2. Tell them you want to work on your pitch

In the first scenario, say something like, “Hey, Sue! It’s Cody. How have you been? Hey, I was just calling because I wanted to let you know I’m a mortgage protection specialist now and I love it. I was wondering if there was a time I could buy you a pizza and come over? I wanted to review your policy and see if I could save you any money and if not, great, we could just hang out. What night works best for you?”
For the second, “Hey, Terry! It’s Cody. How are you? I wanted to call and ask you for a favor. I don’t know if you know but I’m a mortgage protection specialist and I love it. But, I need to practice my pitch. I was wondering if I could grab a pizza for us and come over? Then, I can practice my pitch and you can let me know how I did. What night would work best for you?”
Notice there’s no mention of whether they have insurance, didn’t ask if they were interested or anything like that. It’s low-pressure and pitched as a pizza night.
This should limit the amount of people who say they don’t want you to come over.
So, that’s the Rolling 100 and how to pitch the idea of an appointment. If you need to supplement your pipeline with insurance leads in the meantime, Secure Agent Leads has you covered with exclusive, real time prospects.

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