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The Best Strategy for Closing Insurance Leads

Obviously the number one thing all insurance agents worry about is how to close. More specifically, they’re worried about closing insurance leads. They invested money into their business and they want to show that money was well spent by seeing it convert into more cash. So, Secure Agent Leads is here with Cody Askins’ favorite close to use while closing insurance leads.

Go through the five benefits

When you’re presenting your product, give them five benefits that come with it. If it was life insurance, here’s what it would look like:

  1. Whole life
  2. Price lock
  3. Double accident
  4. Cash value
  5. Local insurance agent

These can be anything you know to be an important feature to your product. Another one we’ve used for life insurance was immediate payout. When listing them out we like to mention it, describe it and ask them if they like it or if it’s important to them. Later, ask them which one is their absolute favorite. You can use that information during the next part of the close.

Show three options

You don’t want to present too many options to your potential client. That is the fastest way to receive the objection, “I need to think about it.” They were ready to make a decision, that’s why they agreed to meet you or entered their information to become insurance leads. The reason they’re saying they need to think about it or talk to their spouse or whatever is because you gave them information overload with too many options. Simply present three options that all come with the five benefits you’ve shown them, specifically the one they picked as their favorite.

Ask a question

Ask the prospect which option they like the most. More often than not, they will pick the middle option. You can even phrase it this way before you show the three options, “Ms. Betty, I’ve got three options here that I know you’re going to love. They all come with the five benefits we discussed, specifically the price lock which you said was your favorite feature. Now, I already know which one you’re going to pick but I want you to tell me. Which of these three options works best for you?” That’s just a fun way to do it and get them to open up a little. Lots of times we get asked, “Did I pick the right one?” If it’s the right policy for them, it’s the right policy for the insurance agent!
Ready to test this strategy for closing insurance leads on some qualified leads? Secure Agent Leads has real-time leads that are being closed at over a 20% clip by our clients.

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