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Three Ways to Improve Medicare Client Relations

Client relations are much more important than insurance agents want to believe.
When it comes to you medicare agents out there, you love the renewal commission and passive income, but are putting the customer experience on the back burner.
Maintaining client relations helps in so many arenas: You’ll be more likely to get a referral, keep the client on the books, and loyal customers are more apt to buy more insurance.
Secure Agent Leads is bringing the heat with three ways to improve those client relations for your medicare clients.

Earn their loyalty

According to Property Casualty 360, a loyal customer delivers more than 250 percent more referrals, renews at a rate of 97 percent, and buys more than 25 percent more insurance.
How can you build that loyalty?
Property Casualty 360 says to use your knowledge.
Educate your clients about their policy and medicare in general.
Your clients will see you more as an expert, building their trust in you, and helps them to understand the value in their policy.

Showcase value

In a study by Forbes, the absolute level of premiums mattered less than individual perception of price fairness. If a price was perceived as too low, it had the same negative effect on loyalty as a price perceived as too high.
This is why we always suggest to build value by showing five benefits before showing price. It’s honestly what the customer cares about the most.
A customer who perceives the price to “seem right” is two to three times less likely to switch to a different insurance carrier.

Provide exceptional customer service

Oftentimes insurance agents think customer service means “getting back to the customer quickly.”
This, according to a study by the Gallup Group, is not true.
Clients were nine times more likely to be engaged when they evaluated customer service as “courteous, willing, and helpful,” versus the “speedy” evaluation, which only made the customers six times more likely to be engaged.
So, quality over speed when it comes to customer experience.
Therefore, it is also important to spend more time with your clients when communicating with them. Everyone views customer service as more positive when they aren’t feeling rushed or ignored.
Use the time to find out if there’s opportunities for a cross-sell or a referral.
Get out there and work on developing relationships with potential clients. Secure Agent Leads has medicare insurance leads actively searching for a policy.

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