Finding life insurance leads on your own can be a difficult task. Secure Agent Leads delivers exclusive, qualified prospects who are actively looking for a new policy. Life insurance is a topic that involves a lot of factors. Some of them are practical, simple considerations. Some of them deal with things people don’t like to think about. Your approach needs to be thoughtful and targeted.

Getting the right leads is one thing, but how you engage with them will be the real deciding factor for your success and their peace of mind. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. With exclusive call scripts developed by Cody Askins, you have a foundation for your pitch built on real knowledge and real experience. Download your call script now.

Looking for more professional mentorship or leads? Contact Secure Agent Leads today. Look through our selection of carefully chosen insurance leads, or learn more about how Cody Askins is changing the world of sales.


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Do other agents receive these leads?

All of our leads are exclusive to each agent. They are never shared with other agents.

What location will these leads be in?

All of the leads will be generated near the agent’s requested location.

How fast are the leads generated?

Our leads are generated in 48–72 hours

What ages are the applicants?

On average, the leads are ages 40–60

What information do agents receive from the lead?

Full Name | Address | City | State | Phone Number | Age

Do agents receive inbound calls from prospects?

Yes, there is a good chance some prospects will address you by name and request an appointment.