Mortgage protection insurance is essential to the financial security of homeowners if the worst happens. This insurance helps to cover costs if a partner or spouse contributing to payments dies while the payments are still in effect. This can offer a vital cushion, but many people prefer to avoid even thinking about what they need to do if this ever happens.

As an agent, you need to be able to approach this topic the right way, while still helping your leads understand what makes it so important. Secure Agent Leads can help. We offer highly-targeted, specific leads for a variety of industries. Mortgage protection leads from Secure Agent Leads are qualified, exclusive and delivered within 48-72 hours from your purchase.



Do other agents receive these leads?
All of our leads are exclusive to each agent. They are never shared with other agents.

What location will these leads be in?
All of the leads will be generated near the agent’s requested location.

How fast are the leads generated?
Our leads are generated in 48–72 hours

What ages are the applicants?
On average, the leads are ages 45–64

What information do agents receive from the lead?
Full Name | Address | City | State | Phone Number | Age