Are you a Spanish-speaking agent looking for Spanish-speaking final expense leads? Secure Agent Leads can hit all of your demographic targets. Approaching leads about final expense insurance requires a lot of sensitivity and tact.

Something as simple as fluency in the right language can make a major difference in how much a lead trusts you. Any good salesperson knows that trust is essential. Secure Agent Leads provides the best leads with highly targeted, customized focus.

Find out more advice from Cody Askins, or contact Secure Agent Leads to start receiving leads in real-time 48-72 hours from the time you place your order.

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Do other agents receive these leads?

All of our leads are exclusive to each agent. They are never shared with other agents.

What location will these leads be in?

All of the leads will be generated near the agent’s requested location.

How fast are the leads generated?

Our leads are generated in 48–72 hours

What ages are the applicants?

On average, the leads are ages 55–75

What information do agents receive from the lead?

The following lead information is provided in Spanish:
Favorite Color | Full Name | Address | City | State | Phone Number | Age

Do agents receive inbound calls from prospects?

Yes, there is a good chance some prospects will address you by name and request an appointment.