Cold Calling

How to Call Insurance Leads

Agents are quick to jump into forums and trash their insurance leads and complain they don’t work. However, a lot of the time it is the insurance agent that is causing a lot of the hiccups.
So, to help, Secure Agent Leads is here to help with five tips on how to better call insurance leads:

  1. Too much information

When insurance agents call leads they generally try to give them prices, interest level, health and etc. It’s too much! The goal is to sit down with the prospect. Do not complicate it. Agents have gotten used to giving too much information over the phone. Stick to the script.

  1. Not finishing with question

Do not say anything without finishing with a question. This keeps things concise and keeps the insurance agent in control every step of the way.

  1. Pausing at the wrong time

Only pause after asking a question. Do not pause after a simple statement. Example: “Hey, Betty, this is John Smith with the insurance group. It looks like you went online and looked for a quote for life insurance *pause*” What happens when agents do that, it is just asking for the insurance lead to insert an objection in the pause.

  1. Poor intro

Insurance agents need to take control of the call immediately. Example: The lead answers the phone and says hello. Then you say, “Hello, is this Betty?”
This tells the prospect you do not know who they are and you are not sure if you are calling the right house. Instead, insurance agents should respond with, “Betty! This is Cody…” It’s confident and more approachable. If it’s clearly the husband picking up or whoever else, say, “Mr. Smith.”

  1. Not selling a drop-off time

A lot of agents are asking us why we sell a drop-off time and then show up ready to sell. They ask wouldn’t the prospect say, “Hey, I thought you were just dropping off the information?”  The leads usually don’t remember. And if they do, YOU ARE THE INFORMATION.
To sell a drop-off time, try this: “This is Cody. I’m getting back to you about the final expense information. Now, John, I’m the local field underwriter. I’ve been assigned to your case. I’ll be out in your area on Friday. Should I drop off this information off in the morning or the afternoon?” They’ll almost always pick one. Then, offer two times convenient, “Great! 2 p.m. or 4 p.m.?”
Now that you know how to better call prospects, try Secure Agent Leads. We’ve sold over 1 million of our insurance leads to thousands of insurance agents and each one is exclusive and comes to you in real time.

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