Door Knocking

While many insurance agents prefer to try to sell their leads over the phone, making an investment in time and gas to drive to the client’s home allows for a much more personable approach.
This allows for agents to build trust and differentiate themselves in the large sea of insurance sales.
Think about it, that same client has likely received mailers, emails and calls about the same insurance product you’re offering.
So, call up your lead and ask for a time to drop off some information and go knock on their door.
And please knock. The first rule of door knocking: Neighbors knock, salesmen ring the doorbell!
Don’t forget to be smiling, personable and trustworthy during your approach so you can get inside that house and have a conversation on the couch or at the table.
For more tips and tricks about door knocking, Secure Agent Leads publishes more in-depth blog posts on this topic of insurance sales.