Cold Calling

A tried and true method, cold calling for insurance leads is vastly cheaper than buying leads or even door knocking.
However, it has fallen out of favor with insurance agents because of the stigma surrounding calling people and being thought of as a telemarketer.
Agents should put that out of their mind due to the many benefits cold calling brings to the table.
Beyond adding new, warm leads to their sales pipeline, cold calling can help insurance agents skill up in sales and conversation and agents can even write policies over the phone!
And all it takes is picking up the phone.
This is yet another way new agents can get into the game at a cheap cost.
Optionally, agents can choose to purchase a dialer or invest in a CRM.
By implementing these strategies, agents can develop a warm market between purchases of leads.
To help calm fears about cold calling, Secure Agent Leads offers blog posts on the topic.