Final Expense agent

Be a better final expense agent for current clients

Sometimes, being a final expense agent feels like you’re running a race in a hamster wheel.
You’re constantly prospecting because someone cancels their policy or goes to another agency.
It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able/want to stop looking for new clients, but here are some ideas on how to plug up some of the leaks on your books.

Be more than their final expense agent

You, just now: Wait, what?
Let me explain.
It’s highly likely that you have more products to offer than just final expense insurance.
So, go through your client list, check your notes on the client from discovery (an important part of the appointment process) and see what other needs they have.
Say you found out Betty Johnson has a couple grandkids.
If you offer other life insurance products, say whole life, that is an affordable product she may feel really good about buying for those grandkids.
Not only is that an extra sale for you, but Betty is going to be impressed that you remembered she had grandchildren. She’ll also appreciate the fact you offered an affordable product that protects them, builds cash value, and provide guaranteed insurability in the future.
This is why you need to keep buyer personas (personal information you found out during fact-finding) in your CRM. And they need to be updated every so often because of this, which brings us to our next point…

Keep communication ongoing with clients

Those buyer personas can provide key information to help with this.
Maybe Betty said instead her daughter was expecting a child in a few months.
If you wrote that down, you could’ve called back after a while and then offered that whole life policy.
You can also send out customer experience surveys to give yourself an opportunity to remedy any situations that is causing a client to leave.
Just be sure to take ownership of the problems and be quick to clean it up.
And, obviously, if you see a lot of the surveys coming back pointing to similar issues, this becomes a valuable teaching moment for you.
In the meantime, if you are needing final expense leads to supplement your prospecting efforts, Secure Agent Leads generates more final expense leads than any other lead vendor out there.

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