How to brand yourself

How to brand yourself as an insurance agent

When it comes to how to brand yourself as an insurance agent, the answer may be as clear as mud.
Many agents either don’t take it seriously or aren’t exactly sure where to begin.
It’s importance is clear when you think about it: Website design, marketing materials, even the header on the invoices you send your clients should have a clear, cohesive design that identifies the brand you’ve established. After you read the article, if you need more help you can check out some of our free events that are coming to a city near you.

How to brand yourself successfully

Branding yourself in the insurance industry requires two things (initially):

  1. Tells the customer what makes you different than the competition
  2. Makes your mission statement apparent

For example, think about a McDonald’s and Burger King commercial. They’re both fast-food burger joints. But you know the differences without me telling you, don’t you?
This becomes incredibly important when it comes to selling insurance because it’s a very attractive industry. As such, thousands of people each year get their licenses and go forth to sell insurance.
To help you figure out what it is you want your brand known for, ask yourself:

  • What problem in this industry do I solve?
  • How do I solve that problem differently than anyone else?

Still having trouble? Ask your customers if you’ve already started your business. If you haven’t started your business yet, identify a specific problem that matters to you and set out to solve it.
Be sure your mission statement is specific.
For example, great customer service is NOT a good mission statement. Instead, say something like: We call ahead of premium increases so you can make informed decisions.

What to do after

Once you have your brand decided, it’s time to take action.
That means coming up with a marketing plan that conveys your messaging.
Marketing videos, social media ads, and whatever else you think will be an effective medium to get your brand out there and in front of the people you can help.
Your messages should focus on informing, not selling.
Maybe a testimonial video ad that tells a true story of how you went above and beyond for a client.
Or you can do infographic ads for Facebook and Instagram.
Just focus on putting the attention on what you can do for the clients and what they need.
Let us help you get some clients on the book so you can have some money for that marketing budget. We’ve got qualified insurance leads designed to your specific demographic needs that we deliver in real-time so you can call them while they’re in the mood to buy!

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