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How to Sell Medicare Insurance over the Phone

Most insurance agents think selling Medicare over the phone is going to be easy until they start getting rejected.
Then, the doubt sets in and they aren’t motivated to pick up the phone and eventually become one of the 92% of insurance agents who fail in the first three years of business.
Our team at Secure Agent Leads doesn’t want that to happen! We supply agents with Medicare leads but that’s only half the battle.
So, here are some tips on how to be better at Medicare insurance sales via telesales.

Have an efficient desk

Whether you work from home or have an office, you need to be organized and be quick to answer any questions your Medicare leads have.
Have all of your tips brought up so you can quickly rebuttal any objections so there is no awkward silence.
Be ready with your quoting software and the application so you’re ready with any health questions.
Having your customer relationship manager (CRM) software handy so you can schedule a follow-up email following the phone call is a great idea so you don’t forget and let any Medicare leads fall through the cracks.
Which brings us to our next point…

Automate follow-ups

CRM tools with automatic follow-ups are invaluable.
This will maximize your time and, ultimately, your sales efforts.
Your follow-ups nurture the relationship, keep your Medicare leads fresh longer.
Don’t let a hectic day cause you to forget to send these emails — have them automated.

Listen and Ask

Too many insurance agents ask questions only in an effort to respond with what they want later.
The purpose of asking questions is to be in control, however you need to actually listen to what your potential client is telling you so you can learn what benefits matter most to them and other pertinent information.
Understanding what is important to your lead helps you offer insurance products and services they are actually interested in.
Also, asking questions builds a relationship with the prospect. This will help you make the sale in the short-term and build the foundation for your long-term relationship.
Relationship-building is so incredibly important during telesales because you have to get them to trust you enough to give you vital information over the phone.

Practice leads to mastery

The only way to get better at telesales is through repetition.
As such, you will need to cultivate hundreds of people to call each month.
If you can’t generate your own, Secure Agent Leads deliver leads our clients report closing over 20% of the time.

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