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Medicare Supplement Insurance Sales Tips

A myth surrounding Medicare Supplement Insurance is that there is no money in it.
There’s nothing further from the truth.
The problem is — with any product — is that insurance agents are struggling to sell it.
So, Secure Agent Leads is here to help with a few tips on selling Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Sell an appointment

Sound familiar? We tell agents of any product line to do this.
These same medicare supplement leads could be getting 10 of the same mailers for the same thing you’re trying to sell them from other insurance agents.
To differentiate, simply ask for an appointment when calling your leads.
That way, you can introduce yourself, tell them who you are, who you’re with and what it is you can do to help them.

Simplify the product

Be an expert on Medicare Supplement Insurance.
Then, be able to break it down for your clients.
A lot of people don’t understand they have to sign up for Medicare parts A and B. Moreover, they don’t realize the difference in Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare advantage is very simple:

  • Nothing out of pocket (Medicare Supplement)
  • Taking a risk with out-of-pocket costs for a lower monthly cost

Clients obviously want an agent who is knowledgeable but also one who can easily explain to them what their options are.

Call on weekends

Insurance agents who only reach out to clients from 9-5 are killing their business, no matter the line of work they’re in.
It’s a misconceived notion that seniors are always home in the daytime during the week. The recession, among other factors, has forced people to work longer into their life.
You are missing out on a lot of sales if you aren’t calling your Medicare Supplement Insurance leads on Saturday or Sunday.

Show them their needs

Most of the time, you’ll hear the same pain points from your leads: they’ve suffered rate increases and they have a fixed income.
Repeating their complaints back to them will show that you’ve been listening and get them feeling the pain of their increasing prices.
After that, reemphasize the savings with the added benefits they get with your product or the advantages of switching to the cheaper product with lower benefits.
Ask them what they’ll do with that extra money so they internalize the change.
If you need more Medicare Supplement Insurance leads in your pipeline, Secure Agent Leads has provided over 10,000 agents with over 1 million leads.

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