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Top Insurance Telesales Tips

Selling insurance over the phone has become a popular option among insurance agents due to many factors.
However, many insurance brokers have bought a bunch of leads and then have zero success because they weren’t prepared.
So, here are some tips to get better mileage out of those insurance leads:

  1. Expect objections – People hesitate during decision-making. Overcoming objections is a huge part of selling insurance. Secure Agent Mentor has plenty of advice on overcoming objections, especially on YouTube, so prepare yourself and learn the most common objections and be ready to counter them with your leads.


  1. LISTEN – We made this tip bold for a reason. Most insurance agents listen to simply respond instead of listening to learn. Listen to your leads to fact-find. They will give you all the ammunition you need to offer them products specific to their needs.


  1. Evaluate your surroundings – Insurance agents love the idea of selling from home when they think of telesales. There are downsides to this, however. Make sure you have a quiet area away from loud noises that could be picked up by the phone or be distracting to you. Also, make sure you have up-to-date equipment and marketing materials.


  1. Ask questions – Asking questions is a good way to not only build rapport with your client, but also help you determine your client’s needs. Perhaps more valuable, it helps you control the conversation so they don’t get off-topic or otherwise waste your time.


  1. Be confident – Sounding confident during insurance telesales gives you a welcoming voice and also lets the client know you believe in your product. Assume the sale.


  1. Have a strong script – Keeping a strong insurance telesales script on hand will help you keep from stumbling, signaling to your client you aren’t confident, and keeps you in perfect form. It will need to sound natural, so you can add some of your own flavor. But it’ll be a reminder to always ask questions and have several soft closes before you go for the final, hard close.

Insurance telesales can be a lucrative business. Don’t let horror stories scare you away from picking up the phone and hitting up your leads. Remember, 92 percent of agents fail and a big reason for that is they give up and don’t work hard.
Another reason they fail is because they don’t have enough leads. Lucky for you, Secure Agent Leads has exclusive, real-time leads that agents are raving about. There’s even a feature that is allowing leads to call you!

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