Sales script tips

Sales script tips for aged leads

Having a sales script to call your insurance leads is a must.
However, there are some subtle differences between the script you should follow for fresh leads as opposed to aged leads.
Today, we will go over those variations and provide you with some correct verbiage to use.

Correct use of a sales script

Using a script is imperative because it provides confidence, eliminates awkward pauses, and directs the lead towards a sale.
But don’t be afraid to inject your own “flavor” into it.
Each call you make will be different, so think of a sales script as more of a guide than a concrete route to take.
That being said, let’s get into some verbiage you’ll want to include in your script.

Perfect phrase

One of the worst things insurance agents say all the time to leads is “I think you filled out a form online sometime recently and I’d like to talk to you about it.”
We’ve heard some variation of this in so many calls here at Secure Agent Leads.
This phrasing doesn’t work because it shows no confidence, it doesn’t remind them they wanted the product, and it’s just sloppy.
Here’s the perfect phrase you want to use when reminding them they asked you to call them:

“I’m getting back to you about your request for the (insert product) information.”

It’s simple, direct, and makes it sound like you are doing them a favor (you are, after all).

Finishing with questions

You want to insert lots of questions in your sales script.
Asking questions allows you to be in control of the conversation and, depending on the question, are trial closes.
They also get the insurance lead used to making decisions and prepares them to make the final one: to buy or not.
Obviously, they are an important part of the relationship building and fact-finding portions of the process as well.
So, a good portion of your script should be questions.

Sales script getting lots of objections?

Objections are going to happen with or without a solid script.
However, if you get a lot of the same objections that aren’t of the regular variety (I already have coverage and etc.), it may be time to revise your script.
Are you getting the “I need to think about it” objection a lot? It may be because you are throwing too much information at them or offering too many options.
Remember, we suggest only offering them three price points.
If you’re always getting push-back after a certain portion of your script or question, see if you can’t reword or change something in your script to improve the responses.
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