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Better Ways to Contact your Aged Insurance Leads

Whether you bought aged leads or you’re thinking of contacting leads you couldn’t close the first time around, how you approach them matters. Insurance agents need to know it is not the same ballgame as calling up fresh leads. As such, Secure Agent Leads has some pointers on how to contact your aged insurance leads to boost their insurance sales.

Put in the same effort

This may sound silly but some insurance agents are very skeptical that going over their older leads is worth the time. It really is however. You spent the money, you might as well shoot your shot and try to make it fruitful. Don’t assume the client will remember your previous conversations. Go back over the old benefits and try to get them to remember why they liked your product in the first place. Treat aged leads with the same enthusiasm as fresh leads and put in the work to convert them into insurance sales.

Start slow

Again, find something they were interested in the first place in your CRM (hopefully you’ve been taking good notes). Find out if anything has changed in their life: birth of a child, death of a loved one and etc. See if there’s problems you have a solution to or if they’re irritated that you’ve called them again. Let them know if anything has changed with your business as well such as price drops or better benefits that matter to them. You should never start off the conversation by going for the sale right away.

Assume the sale

During the entirety of your calls or presentations, treat your aged insurance leads as if they should have been expecting an agent to call or knock at the door. That kind of confidence and upbeat behavior (not cockiness) will almost turn them into a fresh lead before your eyes.

Warm them back up

Send your aged leads emails about your product. Get them thinking about your insurance agency and your name. Start them off with an introductory email and then start sending them helpful content that current clients get like blogs and such. Include call-to-action content as well that can actually turn them into a fresh lead or even make the insurance sale through your website. This will also let you know how interested they really are in your product.
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