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How to Sell More Medicare Supplement Insurance

Cody Askins and Secure Agent Leads met with Ron Comer, medicare supplement mastermind, a while back to discuss medicare supplement insurance.
We talked about his success and what it is he has done to become one of the best medicare supplement insurance agents in the industry. Through this interview, we’ve come up with a few tips to help other insurance agents improve their business.

Utilize different marketing strategies

Ron sold over 1,000 Medicare Supplement policies in one year and he said he used many different sources of marketing. He said he used mailers, seminars and referrals.
Of course there’s also utilizing medicare supplement insurance leads. You can also create your own leads through cold calling.The main point is simply utilizing different channels to get as much interest in you and your product as possible. One caveat: make sure you’re getting the best bang for your marketing dollars.

Work for it

Ron said you have to go wherever the business is. His business is in Jefferson City, MO but he drives all over the state every single day for his appointments. He works until 8 p.m. if he has to do so. Another thing he puts work into is studying up on his product to know it in and out.
He wants to be known as the expert in his field. That’s a selling point to Ron’s clients. He knows his stuff. It also lets them know he will be doing what is in their best interest. Which all ties back into the client feeling comfortable in referring Ron to other people, creating free medicare supplement insurance leads for him.

Invest in your business

At one time, Ron was mailing everyone in the state of Missouri who was turning 65. And he was sending them out every month. He was also doing as many as four seminars in one week providing his knowledge to other agents as well as networking.
As you can see, he was investing a lot of time and money into making sure his business is successful. Invest in medicare supplement insurance leads. Reach out to a mentor and spend some of your free time riding along with them to learn. Go to conferences. Do whatever it takes to be successful.
If you’re ready to invest in your sales pipeline, Secure Agent Leads provides the industry’s best medicare supplement leads that are exclusive and delivered in real time.

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