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Branded Swag for Insurance Agents?

A trick we recommend to keep insurance leads fresh longer, or even to help with referrals, is to have branded swag as an agent. Many insurance agents ask why they should use their marketing dollars on these little things when they could allocate the funds elsewhere. Here are three reasons why Secure Agent Leads recommends branded swag.

Branded swag keeps you top of mind

A trick we have used at Secure Agent Leads is to give our clients refrigerator magnets. Think about it. How many times a day to you make a trip to the refrigerator? So, by giving your potential client a magnet to stick on the fridge, each time they open up the door to grab some milk or leftovers, they are seeing your logo. Even if they don’t consciously make a decision to look at it, your logo is being registered subconsciously. It keeps you on the top of the their mind.

Swag sparks the referral process

Whether it be someone at your client’s house getting into their family or friend’s fridge and seeing the magnet or seeing your business on a pen someone hands them, that can be a perfect point of referral. It’s almost like a mini-commercial. If the person was thinking of looking into your product, it might cause them to ask about you. Then, your client can refer you! You can also offer incentives for your clients to give them a little push to refer you to others. Bonus tip here: Give your branded pens to servers at restaurants. Hundreds or thousands a people a day signing their bills are now going to see your logo.

Pens are cheap

Pens, cups and magnets are all under a dollar apiece to purchase. The more useful the item you can give your clients or leave behind with your insurance leads, the better. People love to get free stuff from their insurance agent and if it is beneficial, they’ll tend to hang onto it and use it longer. If you want to get a little more expensive, get you and your staff company shirts, jackets and sweaters from time-to-time. Just make sure they are a cool color and have a cool slogan on them. Whatever you choose, just be sure to have a clear distribution plan for the items.
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