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The Biggest Insurance Sales Month

Maintaining focus in the insurance sales industry around the holiday season is a struggle.
Juggling scheduled days off, traveling and making family plans, insurance agents surely have an uphill battle keeping up with sales goals.
But to allow your sales to dip in the month of December will not only hurt now, but create a muddy road to trek in the next year.
So, how can you make December your greatest month of insurance sales in 2018?

First, don’t lose your motivation.

Continue making your goals and create specific ones. Something like, “I want to become better at overcoming objections from my leads.”
Therefore, you might create smaller steps to reach that overall goal, such as watching videos for insurance agents, reading books or role playing with coworkers.
If you’re crossing off goals in the month of December you’ll gain more confidence, skill up and your insurance sales will come.

Another thing you can do…

Look at your sales numbers last year and set out to beat them.
Creating competition and setting a target will drive you to do better and keep you locked in on a target.
The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family and friends but if you are looking to build your wallet, make sure you aren’t taking off too much time. You can’t make sales in the insurance business if you aren’t working.

Final bit of advice — Don’t make excuses.

If you’re sitting there telling yourself that your clients are too busy with their families to buy, think about it this way:
Are your leads ever waiting by their phone ready to buy from you?
The same argument being made about December can be made about January, “They’re just getting back into the swing of things from the holidays!”
Or March through April, “They’re distracted by spring break!”
Friday before Memorial Day. Tuesday after Memorial Day. Summertime. They’re always distracted, travelling and etc.
There’s always a reason you can drum up to not sell. Get those out of the way and take your shots! Your success in insurance sales depends on you, not the time of the year.
If you need motivation to start calling, what if the people you were calling were people you knew were searching for information on your product?
Those kind of leads are ones that Secure Agent sells. We provide leads exclusive to ad campaigns specific to insurance agent’s needs and email you instantly upon their submission within 48-72 hours.

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