Door Knocking

Door-Knocking Tips for Insurance Sales

Door-knocking can be an effective strategy to generate insurance sales.
However, it is a daunting task for some insurance agents. Secure Agent understands and is here to help with 11 tips to help new insurance agents literally get their foot in the door.

Do not sit in the car

Sitting in the car, rummaging through your bag or thinking what you’re going to say, gives the prospect an opportunity to run and hide.


Smile at all times! It lets them know you’re friendly and approachable.

Wave at the window

Even if you don’t see anyone, wave. Wave as if you did. If they think you saw them, they’re more likely to answer. It also makes you seem like a more approachable and friendly person.


Do not ring the doorbell. As Cody says, “Neighbors knock. Salespeople ring the doorbell.”

Knock loudly

Knock loudly in case they are in a back room, in the kitchen or have the TV volume turned up.

Knock six or seven times

While you’re knocking, be sure you hit the door six or seven times during your knock. This is so they hear it and don’t mistake it for a different noise.

Step back

After you knock, take a step back from the door so you aren’t in their face when they open the door. This makes you seem more approachable and makes them more comfortable.

Say their name

Greet them by their name. Sprinkle their name during your presentation. It makes it a more personable environment and not just an insurance agent trying to make another insurance sale.

Ask them how they are

This is a no-no for insurance sales telemarketing. This provides them opportunity to object. In person, however, this is to build a relationship to get you in the door.

Know your pitch

You have to have a focused, detailed pitch to deliver. Rehearse this at home so no insurance sales are lost to a jumbled pitch.


Ask to enter the door. Start your pitch, “Hey, Betty! I’m Cody, how are you today? I’m getting back to you because you requested the new final expense information. I’m the local underwriter and they sent me out to deliver this to you. It takes me just a couple minutes to go over this information. Should we sit at the couch or the table?”
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