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Cold Calling Strategies for Success

We at Secure Agent Leads probably get more questions about cold calling than any other topic.
Insurance agents want to know how to overcome their fear of the phone, hone their skills and handle objections from their insurance leads.
As such, we wanted to give you three more tips on how to be successful when cold calling.

Finish with a question

When you are on the phone, try to finish every sentence with a question.
This cold calling technique keeps you in control of a conversation and eliminates objections.
A lot of agents brag about having the gift of gab. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING.
If you can listen more than you speak, you will be a good salesperson. It’s a huge myth that if you love to talk that you’ll be a great insurance salesman.

Implement trial closes

Preparing a prospect for a close is one of the more beneficial cold calling techniques because it brings out their unanswered questions and allows you to eliminate their objections.
Here are some examples of trial closes during a life insurance sale with trial closes italicized:

  • Ms. Betty, there are five benefits to this life insurance policy. This policy has a coverage lock. Typically, the coverage will either change every year, go down when you’re 65 or only last until you are 70 or 80. What our clients love is that our coverage never changes. Everything we agree on stays the same forever. Is that important to you? Do you like that?
  • Another benefit, Ms. Betty, is our price lock. A lot of policies don’t have price locks. They’ll go up every year, every five years or go up when you hit a certain age. Our price stays at the premium we talked about. I’m assuming that’s going to stay within your budget. Am I right?
  • This policy builds cash value and should you ever have to take out a loan, you could borrow against it. We don’t recommend you use it but it’s your policy and it’s there. That’s pretty cool isn’t it?
  • I’ve got a question Ms. Betty. Of all the benefits I’ve showed you, which one is your favorite?


Give three options

Cody Askins says it exactly like this, “I’ve got three options for you that I know you’re going to like. I even know which one you’re going to pick already, but I’ll let you choose. I’m going to show you these three and I need you to tell me which one you like the most.”
A favorite cold calling technique of Cody’s: Show the prices in descending order. If you show them in ascending order, it will feel like you’re trying to upsell them.
Presenting them in descending order it tells them the expensive option is the best option and it starts to feel like you’re taking it away from them and the others pale in comparison.
About 80% of the time they’ll pick the one in the middle.
Ready to take these tips, pick up the phone and start cold calling? Secure Agent Leads has provided agents around the globe with over a million exclusive leads provided in real-time.

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