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How to Earn Six Figures Door Knocking

Some insurance agents have a hard time accepting door knocking as a way to close their insurance leads.
What if we could show you how knocking on 20 doors a day can earn you $175,000 in a year?
Here’s how that would work:

The math

Take your average premium, which is about $61 a month — so $732 per year — and divide $175,000 by that $732. That’s 239 insurance sales you will need to make in a year. Divide that by 50 weeks, giving you two weeks vacation time, that becomes 4.78 sales a week. So, call that five sales a week you need to make. Now, let’s work backwards.
To make five sales, how many houses do you need to get inside? Say you make it into less than half of the homes you visit. You’ll need to get inside of 11 houses. Let’s say you only get inside of a third of the homes of the people with which you speak. That’s 33 people you need to speak to.
What if less than a third of the doors you knock does somebody actually answer? It takes you door knocking 100 homes in one week. That’s 20 per day if you only work five days a week.

Why door knocking?

Are you wondering why you should take this route for insurance sales?
Well, a lot of agents struggle on the phone at first or complain about cold calling. So, why not simply try to sell a drop-off time to your insurance lead and then go door knocking?
If you need tips on door knocking, here’s another blog with some ideas.

Stay motivated

Dealing with rejection face-to-face may be hard as an insurance agent without the right mindset. Think about it this way though: If you knocked on 100 doors per week and only worked 50 weeks a year that’s 5,000 doors in a year. If you divide that $175,000 you want to earn by the 5,000 doors, that’s $35 you “earn” per door you knock on.
Who wouldn’t knock on a door for $35? You can get it all done between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and you can do it efficiently with a route planner. We’ve used Road Warrior app and there’s many more.
Ready to get out and start your road to a six-figure income in insurance sales? Secure Agent Leads has new and aged leads that over 10,000 insurance agents trust.

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