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Earn More Final Expense Renewal Commission

Because of its lucrative market, final expense insurance has become a wildly popular product for insurance agents carry.
The amount of renewal commission agents could earn is very high.
However, few agents see the ceiling of opportunity in renewals because they don’t take time to build customer experience.
As such, Secure Agent Leads is here with a few ideas to improve your final expense client relations.

Teach them things!

Stand out from the crowd of agents offering final expense policies by teaching your clients things.
It doesn’t have to be insurance information either.
Do you have a love of books? Start a recommended reading list and share it on your Facebook! You could even start a book club with your clients if you wanted to do so.
Have a passion for cooking? Share your favorite recipes or cooking techniques.
Simple things like this develop a customer experience for your agency that they wouldn’t get anywhere else and build a relationship between you so strong it keeps them on your books.
Voila. Renewal commission.

Give them anniversary presents

Check out this list of wedding anniversary gifts and mail your clients cheap little mementos each year they are your client.
You don’t even have to follow that list. Simply sending something small and cheap will let them know you sincerely appreciate them.
Just another way to nurture that customer experience which translates into more renewal commission.

Promote your loyal customers

Ask your customers that have been on your books the longest if you can get a video or photo testimonial you can share on social media.
This works two-fold:

  1. It shows potential customers your stellar client relations
  2. It’s a reminder to your “flight risk” clients that the grass may not be greener elsewhere


Offer referral incentives

Again, it doesn’t have to be super expensive.
Offer a $10 gift card to a restaurant for every referral. Or movie tickets to the popular movie coming out that month.
Also, by getting them to refer you it’s working on the current client as well.
The more they say you’re a fantastic insurance agent, they’ll believe it more every time they say it. They’d also feel stupid by switching after referring you to someone else.
Client relations don’t matter if you don’t have any clients to begin with. Fill that sales pipeline with exclusive final expense leads from Secure Agent Leads.

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