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Final Expense Telesales Tips

Selling final expense insurance over the phone is a different tactic than it is doing it in person. More and more insurance agents are getting interested in the telesales game and finding this out. To help out, Secure Agent Leads is here with three tips on final expense telesales.

Build trust

Usually we recommend agents to sell an appointment over the phone and close the final expense insurance leads at their home. This is because when you’re in the home you’ve got your papers to show them and you’re able to show them your license and they know it’s real. Telesales is a different animal. You have to convince them to give you very critical and personal information over the phone despite the fact they’ve never met you. In order to build this trust you need to follow a script that builds trust all along the way and explain why you’re calling and figure out what their needs are.
Insurance agents doing telesales have to speak with confidence, a tone of authority and really have great communication skills. You can’t have a lot of dead air and move the phone call along. While you are reading from a script, you don’t want to sound rehearsed. Don’t just read. Display confidence and really listen and respond to the potential client. Make the presentation personal to the client.
For example, when you’re asking your fact-finding questions and find out the potential client has children they want to be the beneficiary, ask the child’s name. The client says it’s Billy. During the presentation say things like, “Ms. Betty, is this going to be enough coverage to pay off Billy’s college loans if he decides to get a college education?” or “It’ll be glad to know Billy is taken care of if God forbid anything happened to you, right?”

Hit the phones hard

If you’re wanting to do all your business over the phone, you’re going to have to call A LOT. Over 100 dials a day and average over four hours of talking to people. You’ll want to have 10 to 15 “presentations” per day. Lack of work ethic is what kills most insurance agents in any shape or form, including telesales. This is why you’re going to want a system. Have a goal of how many dials you want to hit in a day, how much talk time and how many presentations you need to hit to get to the money you want to make in a week. Then, FOLLOW IT.

Be organized

When trying to sell final expense insurance leads over the phone, you need to have a streamlined, organized process. Have your quotes handy so you don’t have to look them up. Do the same thing with answers to frequently asked questions you don’t have memorized. Always have the application ready so you can ask the health questions so the whole process is quick and efficient. This eliminates silence over the phone, helps you sound intelligent and confident, and allows you to go through calls quick.
You’re going to need a lot of final expense insurance leads to call to maintain the activity level you need to sell exclusively via telesales. Secure Agent Leads is trusted by over 10,000 agents to provide them exclusive, real-time leads.

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