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Cold Calling Laws for Insurance Agents

Secure Agent Leads is still banging the cold calling drum and firmly recommends insurance agents use the tactic to feed their sales pipelines. There are cold calling laws that you need to follow if you want to avoid a nasty letter from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). So, we’ve compiled a list of rules insurance agents can follow while cold calling.

Watch the clock

Cold calling laws only permit insurance sales between 8 am and 9 pm in the time zone of the insurance lead. This time frame is only in effect when the person being called is not a current client or customer. If the customer has said you can call at any time, this rule does not apply. If the insurance lead works between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m., they can receive cold calls at any time.

Tell them who you are

Cold callers have to say who they are and why they are calling right away to remain legal. Within the first two minutes of connecting, the callers must tell the insurance leads their name, their company’s name and the purpose for their call. Also, if the receiver requests it, you must tell them your address or phone number.

Mind the DNC list

Do not call means do not call. If someone on the DNC list receives an unsolicited call from an insurance agent, they can write down the caller, the business and get the date and time to file a formal complaint. The only way around this is if they give you permission to call you (i.e. they submit their information and become an insurance lead).

Written permission required to complete a sale

You made a sale during the cold call! Congratulations! However, you must retrieve written permission to take money out of the customer’s bank account. Don’t forget to send them electronic documents to sign to make your sale legal.

Always tell the truth

Lying lands you in jail when it comes to cold calling. Everything you promise over the phone must be given to the insurance lead. If you fail to do so, the customer can get out of any contract they sign. You could also land in hot water with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
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