Texting insurance leads improve lead conversion

How lead conversion improves when texting

When insurance agents think of lead conversion, texting may not be the first thing that comes to mind.
Maybe it should.
Texting is the most widely used communication service in the world and 99% of texts are opened and read by the recipient.
Marketers would kill for an open rate of 50% let alone 99%.
But get this: Insurance leads that are sent three or more texts after first contact are 328% more likely to convert according to Grant Cardone.
So, to help with with your lead conversion, here are some tips from Secure Agent Leads to help you integrate texting into your lead contact method.

Nurture your leads via text

Nearly 80% of people say they would prefer to have a text conversation with a business over any other method of communication.
So, give them what they want!
Insurance leads who agents build relationships with make nearly 50% more purchases and are more likely to make repeat purchases.
More often than not, texting is how friends communicate, so use this same concept to improve your client relations.
Don’t use the same message as when you called and left a voicemail. Say something like, “Hey (client name), I saw you wanted more information on (product). Do you have a few minutes this afternoon to talk about it?”
Or, if they’re already a client, say something like, “Hey (client name), you’re a respected client of ours. What do you think we could do better?”

Be direct and brief

Say exactly what you mean in clear, well-written sentences.
Keep the text to 1-4 sentences and less than 250 characters if possible.
Make sure to identify yourself right off the bat as an insurance agent and what company you work for.
Do not worry about them thinking this is tacky. 50% of adults 18-24 confirm texts are NOT any less meaningful as phone calls.

Check for typos

You are sending a professional text.
This will not improve your lead conversion if there are spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes in your texts.
Be careful if you’re using voice-to-text and double-check any auto-correct changes because we’ve all seen the hilarious pictures of embarrassing messages transformed by auto-correct.
Before you press send, read over the whole text again. These messages are a reflection of yourself and the business you represent.
Ready to text some insurance leads but your sales pipeline needs a refill? Secure Agent Leads has prospects that have been contacting the agent first 14% of the time!

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