Selling insurance to warm market

Selling life insurance to an expanded warm market

Agents oftentimes find it easier selling life insurance to their warm market than other prospects.
So, when agents run out of close friends and relatives to pitch their product to, it can feel like trying to run in quicksand.
However, your warm market is much larger than the people closest to you!
To make sure you never run out of prospects while selling life insurance, Secure Agent Leads has come up with a few outside-the-box ideas to find life insurance leads on the outer edges of your warm market.

Referral network

Do you have a couple insurance agents in your area you trust that sell products you don’t?
Have lunch with them one day and come up with an agreement to push them some of your clients and they’ll do the same for you!
It’s easy to do. When you reach out to your current clients to do policy reviews or anything, ask them about that product and tell them you know someone who can help if they need it.
Having a relationship like this with other agents is mutually beneficial and can be very lucrative.

Networking events

Whether it be Chamber of Commerce meetings, local nonprofits that have meetings, or whatever, you can make contact with many individuals to warm them up.
Selling life insurance shouldn’t be the main focus at the event. Only introducing yourself to many people, having conversations, and building a relationship.
Later, you can set up a time for a lunch or dinner and talk about their policies.
Even if it doesn’t work out that you sell them a policy, if they own a business you can build a referral relationship with them just as you did with other insurance agents.

Leagues, clubs, friends of friends

Do you have a summer softball league? Go to church?
Anywhere you frequent and can build a relationship with someone is an opportunity to warm them up to the idea of life insurance.
Do not be ashamed of your passion or hunger for success.
This includes going out with friends and hitting up a pub or restaurant. Get to talking to the friends of your friends and start asking discovery questions.
You’re going to get a lot of rejection but that’s the price of working “free leads.”
Need life insurance leads to supplement your pipeline while you build up your warm market? Secure Agent Leads offers exclusive, fresh leads or budget-friendly aged leads.

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