How to prospect for life insurance clients

How to prospect for life insurance clients

Quite possibly the hardest part of an insurance agent is answering the question of how to prospect for life insurance clients.
Which, explains why 92% of agents fail out of the business within three years. Even if you are the best salesmen on earth, if you have no one to talk to you’re going to be bankrupt shortly. Worse yet, the life insurance market is packed full of agents.
So, getting in front of prospects on a routine basis needs to be your M.O.

How to prospect for life insurance clients weekly

Prospecting really does need to be a weekly, if not more frequent to-do list item.

Purchasing leads

If your company does not provide leads, or if it does and you aren’t pleased with the quality of them, you should really consider purchasing some.
However, make sure the leads are exclusive to you. This doesn’t mean the lead hasn’t filled out another agent’s campaign through the same vendor. But it does lessen the chance another agent is contacting the same prospect.

Social media

Your Facebook and Instagram needs to be packed with pictures of you helping clients or having fun at the office with shameless plugs. Stay top-of-mind with your online friends.
If you don’t want your personal page cluttered with that stuff, make a business page. Just remember to invite everyone to it. Make it fun, informative, and a robust profile.

Join professional groups and offer a reciprocal referral relationship

When you are considered an expert, professionals in other fields will feel confident sending you referrals. So, be sure you are one. Then, be sure to send back as many referrals as you can and make it a beneficial relationship for both parties.

Rolling 100

If you haven’t heard of it on any of our other platforms, the Rolling 100 is a warm-market tactic. Write down 100 names of people you know. Then, start contacting them and set a date to have a n0-pressure conversation about life insurance. As long as you make it no-pressure and set it up as a let’s-eat-and-chat situation, you shouldn’t upset anyone.
How to prospect for life insurance clients is the hardest question you have to answer professionally, but Secure Agent Leads can help with exclusive insurance leads designed to your demographic needs.

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