Being disagreeable is the worst way to handle objections

The worst way to handle objections

As an insurance agent, you have to be able to handle objections.
You cannot be combative, disagreeable, or anything that could come off as you being a jerk. This is the worst way to handle objections and your sales will suffer because of it.
Arguing with a prospect will cause them to hang up or ask you to leave their home. It just doesn’t work.

Arguing is a terrible way to handle objections

Here’s a common way salespeople will attempt to rebuttal an objection:

Prospect: I’m not interested.
Salesperson: How do you know? I haven’t even told you the price or benefits.

That is true. Oftentimes a prospect will object before the presentation ever truly begins. However, this salesperson’s rebuttal is a terrible way to try to get the prospect to continue to listen.
So, think about how you’re about to response and the words you are choosing to use. If they’re combative or disagreeable, they’re not going to come across well. Instead, try positivity.

Being agreeable works better

Let’s take another shot with another objection and be agreeable this time:

Prospect: I don’t have any money.
Salesperson: I’m with you. It’s my job to get you the new information that you requested and it’s completely up to you what you do with it. Since you requested it my boss requires that I bring it by. Now, I’ll be out in your area on (insert day), so should I drop this information off in the morning or afternoon?

You can even change it up and say something about putting money back in their pocket or whatever just as long as you’re agreeable, kind, and helpful.
You need to prepare for and learn to love objections. Prospects that buy will have about 58% more objections than prospects who don’t.
To practice, role-play with other agents, family, or friends and record the interaction. Also, you can record your calls and listen to them later. You’ll only get better at handling objections through repetition and recognizing where you’re coming up short.
And in the end, you’ll make more sales, make the prospect happy, they’ll be more likely to refer you, and you’ll make a lot more money. See, it pays off to be positive!
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