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How to work your Final Expense Warm Market

Insurance agents are hesitant to work their warm market for final expense, or any other product for that matter, because they don’t want to damage their relationships over sales. Or maybe they’ve had a bad experience with a friend trying to sell them something. However, you’re leaving a lot of free leads and money on the table by not working your warm market! Here’s how you can prepare your mind to work your warm market for final expense.

They’d prefer to buy from you

This idea works on a number of levels. One, people like to buy from people they trust. So, who better than a family member or a friend they’ve known forever? And you already have a rapport with them! That’s a huge hurdle removed already. With that rapport and knowledge you have on your warm market prospects, you can better explain to them the great need they have for final expense insurance.

They’ll become an ambassador

If you sell a policy to a person in your warm market, they’re much more likely to refer others to you. Not only that, they’re going to offer more specific reasons for others to use you as their insurance agent. Such as, he is very knowledgeable, cares about his agents and etc. This creates a bunch of insurance leads for you without spending a penny. And they’re an easier bunch for you to work. Speaking of which….

They’re great test subjects

It’s a lot easier to learn how to sell insurance with a forgiving person such as someone from your warm market. Friends and family are less likely to add pressure to the situation while you’re bumbling around your final expense brochures and trying to remember your product information.

Presenting final expense to friends/family

Set the expectation that it’s nothing but a get-together and there’s no obligation to buy final expense insurance from you. Tell your warm prospect that you want to get a pizza with them and just talk about what you’re doing now. Having something else to do with them will also make it a lot less awkward in case they don’t buy from you. Pitch from a position that it’s simply to help them out. Even if they don’t buy, they will likely still be someone who will refer you as an insurance agent. Taking this approach will prevent you from destroying a relationship while attempting a sale.
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