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How to be a Better Life Insurance Agent

Being a life insurance agent comes with some hurdles as selling insurance is different than selling any other product. Insurance isn’t a tangible product. You’re selling an idea or, perhaps more accurately, yourself. This makes becoming a successful life insurance agent tough. Therefore, Secure Agent Leads has come up with a few tricks to push those aforementioned hurdles out of the way.

Ask your insurance leads about their kids

If you know your potential has kids or grandkids, you absolutely have to ask about them. Doing so will get your insurance lead thinking about their loved one and that is huge for life insurance sales. After all, that kid or grandkid is a likely beneficiary and the whole point your client is looking into the coverage. You’ll also build rapport with your prospect and make it more likely that you can cross-sell to this client in the future.

Only talk benefits that matter to them

While proving to your insurance lead that you are a knowledgeable life insurance agent is important, you can’t overload your prospect with information. That will quickly lead to a “I need to think about it” objection. Your client likely doesn’t care about benefits that don’t pertain to them. By asking fact-finding questions, figure out what problems they need solutions to and offer them policies that contain all those solutions. Then, have them tell you what benefits matter most and bring those back up later in the close to help seal the life insurance sale.

Keep in contact

Did you honestly think you were going to close your lead with one call? That would be nice but it doesn’t happen often. Lots of times the prospect won’t even answer the phone the first time you call. At Secure Agent Leads we recommend getting to at least six calls with a lead within the first three days. And on each of the first three days send a text and an email too. In doing this, you’re guaranteeing yourself 90% chance of contact. How much more money could you make as a life insurance agent if you could reach 90% of your life insurance leads? The answer is a lot more. So, pick up the phone and call, text and email those clients until they buy. Get your money’s worth out of those leads.
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