Call or door knock insurance leads?

Insurance leads: Call or door knock them?

Insurance agents ask all the time, “Should I call my insurance leads or should I call them?”
Honestly, you’re focusing too much on the details that make a small difference.¬†What you should be focusing on is setting the appointment, going and sitting with them, and closing the sale.
So, the answer to the question is: you should do whatever gets you in front of people.
Do whichever avenue you are best at. A lot of agents say they’re not good on the phone. Well, then you should go door knock your insurance leads. Scared of going door-to-door? Then pick up the phone and start dialing.
Get your sales by sticking with your strength first.

Practice your weaknesses on aged insurance leads

After you knock out your fresh leads, go through some aged leads and do whichever contact method you’re weakest at. If you called your fresh leads, go door knock your aged leads.
Most new agents should go door knock anyway. It’s easier to get in front of people consistently doing that. And getting in front of lots of people per day is going to improve your skill because you are repeating your appointment process multiple times.
Did you door knock your fresh leads? Cold call a data list, call up some warm market prospects, or whatever you can do to supplement your prospecting and sales.
You need to be a well-rounded insurance agent if you want to succeed in this business. There’s no reason you should be scared of picking up the phone. It is your greatest sales asset. Every time you pick up the phone you should be excited because it’s a chance to make money.
Furthermore, you shouldn’t be afraid to door knock because all that entails is meeting new people and this is a relationship business. So, build the relationship and get in the door!

The bottom line

The fact is, you should be calling AND door knocking so you can get better at both. You can only get better at something by doing it.
So, pick up the phone and cold call, go knock on some doors, and skill up! Before long, you’ll feel comfortable enough to call your insurance leads when you get them and then door knock the ones you can’t reach on the phone or vice versa.
If you need prospects to call or door knock, Secure Agent Leads provides exclusive, fresh insurance leads that are delivered in real-time.

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