Calling insurance leads

Calling insurance leads with speed

When you get insurance leads, how quickly should you call them once they start rolling in?
The answer is as quick as you possibly can.
Secure Agent Leads recommends that you call your insurance leads within five minutes of receiving them.
Why is that?

Insurance leads buy from the first person to call

Fifty percent of the time, the first person to call a lead makes the sale.
Now, don’t read that as “you’ll make the sale on the first call.” Because, chances are, you’ll go to voicemail on the first call. It takes an average of six attempts to reach a prospect. So, follow our 12-touch rule.
However, you need to try to be the first person who reaches out.
That’s why we recommend calling a lead within the first five minutes of receiving it. Make no mistake, even though a few vendors — including us — say your lead is exclusive to you, that person likely filled out another insurance agent’s lead form too. No vendor can stop that from happening.
So, outwork your opponents and hop on that phone as soon as possible after receiving your lead.

They didn’t answer. Now what?

Call two more times the first day!
And not only that, but leave one voicemail and send them an email and text too.
You’re probably saying, “Won’t that annoy them?” We haven’t seen that. They asked you to call them by filling out the form. Space your calls out if you feel bad.
You’ve likely seen our script for calling leads. For voicemails and texts, it’s very similar.

“Hey (lead’s first name), its (your first name) getting back to you about your request for the new information. I’m the local field underwriter and I’ll be in your area on (insert day) so should I drop this off in the morning or the afternoon?”

According to, well-planned (scripted) voicemails can improve lead response rates anywhere from 3-22 percent.
Do you think texts are too personal for insurance leads? According to Franchise Help, 90% of leads said they would rather receive a text compared to a phone call.
And it’s been reported by multiple outlets that around 98% of all texts are opened. So, it’s worth the extra effort.
Ready to give this strategy a go? Test it out on our insurance leads that are delivered in real-time so you have a better opportunity of being the first to make contact.

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