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Insurance sales agent tips for door knocking

As an insurance sales agent, you understand you’re going to face rejection.
The key to selling policies while door knocking is how you handle that objection.
John Paul Dejoria, co-founder of the Patrón Spirits Company and John Paul Mitchell Systems, said the three years he spent selling encyclopedias one of the most formative experiences of his life while speaking to Forbes.
“If that job existed today,” he said. “I would make every one of my kids do it.”
He explained, after you have had 15 doors slammed in your face, you still need to be as enthusiastic at door number 16 as you were at the first door.
Sara Blakely, the billionaire founder of shapewear company Spanx, shared with Forbes similar experiences while selling fax machines door-to-door.
“I saw my business card ripped up at least once a week, ” she said. “I even had a few police escorts out of buildings. It wasn’t long before I grew immune to the word ‘no.'”
Both used the face-to-face approach to eventually launch the companies that made them famous and wealthy.

Why door knocking will work for an insurance sales agent

As Dejoria and Blakely, as well as thousands of other successful entrepreneurs have found out, it is much easier to sell yourself rather than a product.
People connect with other humans.
Communication is much easier face-to-face because you’re able to build rapport through body language as well as verbally.
Speaking of which, you’ll need to check yourself to make sure your body language is conveying as much confidence and enthusiasm as your word choices. Only 7% of communication is verbal. The other 93% is your body language.
In person, an insurance sales agent can hand prospects brochures and pamphlets (just don’t overwhelm them with information).
There’s great benefits to door knocking.

Presenting in person

Some of this is stuff you’ve heard about regarding telesales as well, but we’ll talk about it anyway.
Pitching insurance leads door-to-door requires relationship building. However, you still need to be brief and to the point once you’re comfortable with your relationship.
Remember what we said about not overwhelming them with information?
Tell the prospect five benefits of the policy you’re about to show.
Then, show them three options in descending order. Giving them any more will likely bring about the objection, “I need to think about it.”
Still getting asked about a follow-up appointment or a “call-back?”
Try this no callback close:

“Unfortunately, we have a no-callback policy. We’ve had people say they were going to think about it, but then they never do. Then, something bad happens and then their loved ones are mad at us for not helping them make a decision. Now, we get along super well, you need it, you want it, and you can afford it, so why don’t you just take it? Now, Let’s see if we can get you approved. What is your full legal name?”

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