Sales voicemails

Sales voicemails that will get you callbacks

Do your sales voicemails make a difference?
You better hope they do. According to, 80% of calls go to voicemail, and 90% of first-time voicemails are never returned. This is because most voicemails that insurance agents leave are too long, ineffective, or you don’t follow-up enough.
So, to help you clean up your sales voicemails, we’re going to look at scripts and tactics to help you get callbacks.

Tactics for sales voicemails

We have six tactics for you to improve your callback ratio:

  1. Say the voicemail script with a nice, clear tone. Tone is 86% of your communication.
  2. Tell them you have good news for them regarding the information they’ve requested.
  3. Express urgency and state you have a few quick questions to ask and go over.
  4. Let them know you’re going to be in the area and ask about a drop-off time.
  5. Listing the phone number twice in the voicemail will ensure they have your info and the prospect knows who you are.
  6. Act like you know the prospect and less like another sales person. The more personal the message, the better.

Now that you have some strategy in mind, let’s take a look at exactly what you should say in your message.

Scripts for your voicemails

You want your voicemails to be around 30 seconds long. Any longer than that, the insurance lead will likely hang up the phone and delete your message.
So, here is the script we use for our sales voicemails:

“Hey (lead’s first name), its (your first name) getting back to you about your request for the new (product) information. I’m the local field underwriter, so call me back real quick to setup delivery. Thanks (lead’s first name), again its (your first name) at (insert number).”

And, don’t forget, you want to leave one voicemail every day that you try to reach your insurance leads. This will improve your chances of receiving a callback as well.
Want to try some different variations of the voicemail? Here are some different variations that you not only can use in your voicemails, but also your texts and emails:

QUICK QUESTION – “Hey, Betty! This is (your name). I’m calling you because you requested information on the new final expense information. I had a quick question for you. Can you give me a call back at (insert number)? Again, this is (your name) at (insert number).”
GOOD NEWS – “Hey, John! This is (your name). I’m calling you because I have great news about that final expense information you requested! Give me a call back at (insert number). Again, this is (your name) at (insert number).”
ASKING ABOUT A DROP-OFF TIME – “Hey, Betty! This is (your name). I’m calling because you requested information on the new final expense information. I’m going to be out in your area on (insert day) and I was wondering what time you’d like me to swing by. Give me a call at (insert number) and let me know. If you don’t call me back I’ll just drop in at. Again, this is (your name) and my number is (insert number).”

Want to take a shot at calling some insurance leads and giving these voicemails a try? Secure Agent Leads has the industry’s best leads delivered in real-time and are exclusive to each insurance agent.

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