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Tips to help Life Insurance Agents Retain Customers

One of the biggest draws for life insurance agents is the renewal commission but that can’t happen if you don’t retain customers.
If you’re struggling with customer retention, let me ask you a question: Do you go above and beyond to earn those renewals?
Most life insurance agents can’t say they do. Here’s a few ideas from our team at Secure Agent Leads on how you can retain customers.

Find out who they are

Your clients trusted that you are going to take care of their loved ones should the worst happen.
But do you really know who they are or what their needs are?
You should understand how your clients prefer to communicate, what they enjoy in life, who they care about and more.
This doesn’t just help you cross-sell or provide perfectly-tailored policy, but it helps you retain customers!
When you call to update their information, offer another policy, or if they call in for any reason, finish up your conversations by asking them about their kids or what they’re doing this weekend.
As you do this, add it to the notes of your CRM so you can follow up those conversations in the future. They’ll be impressed with the customer experience you deliver.

Send them stuff “just because”

OK, so all life insurance agents sends birthday cards or Christmas cards.
Do they send every client who owns a dog a couple dog treats on National Dog Day though?
GET CREATIVE! These things DO make a difference in customer retention.
It’ll show them you know your clients and it keeps you on the top of their mind.
When you provide a customer experience that they haven’t had before they’re going to be more likely to stay. They’ll also be more apt to give you referrals too. That’s what we call a win-win.

Be friends

You have a page for your business on social media, right? Please say yes…
Obviously, invite your clients to like, follow, and etc. But do more than just post the same stuff everyone else does.
Make your clients happy to see a post from your office in their timeline.
Share videos of you pranking coworkers or posting funny notes around your office. Post memes.
Anything that improves the customer experience on your social media and separates you from the crowd.
You’re going to need to have clients before you can retain any. Secure Agent Leads has thousands of life insurance leads actively looking for someone to sell them a policy!

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