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Avoid Cancellations by Maintaining Client Relations

Many insurance agents are overlooking an extremely important part of their job: client relations.
Everyone yearns for renewal commissions but few put in the work to actually earn it by developing that bond with the customers on their books.
So, here we go with a few tips from Secure Agent Leads about how to bank that recurring commission via client relations.

Don’t oversell

If you’re having a lot of cancellations, you might take a look at the size of policies you’re selling.
We do preach showing three policies to your insurance leads, one of them being a bigger policy, but still be sure it’s one they can afford.
Pay attention to the social cues: You probably don’t want to sell insurance leads who live in a run-down trailer a policy that has a $400 per month premium.
Your job as an insurance agent, when it comes down to it, is to help people.
When you oversell someone, they’re going to figure that out when they can’t afford their policy. Then, you lose credibility with them and they cancel.
Always get a good idea of the budget they have before you decide what that higher premium is going to be when you present the three options.

Nurture the relationship

Insurance sales is a relationship game.
Developing relationships with insurance leads helps you in the short-term gain trust and earn their business.
It also helps you long-term so that when the next insurance agent tries to replace them for 38 cents less a month. They won’t do it because they have a relationship with you.
To maintain client relations, give them a call every once in a while and ask them how they feel about their policy. Ask them if they had any big life changes that requires them to change something within their policy. Plus, that could turn into a cross-sell or bring about someone else in the household buying a policy.
Bonus tip: One thing Cody Askins, owner of Secure Agent Leads, does is send his clients birthday cards.
Big deal, right? Everyone does that.
But he does something a little different.
First, he sends the birthday cards a little closer to their birthday instead of everyone getting them at the beginning of the month.
Second, instead of just saying, “Betty, thank you for your business. Happy birthday.” Be more unique!
Cody puts a dollar in the card and writes something like, “Betty, when you were born 1952 a bottle of Coca-Cola was 15 cents. Now it’s about a dollar. Have a Coke on me. Have a fantastic birthday. I appreciate you so much.”
That little unique stuff is huge. Be creative and do the little things to maintain client relations and earn that renewal commission!
An insurance agent without leads is doomed to fail. Secure Agent Leads delivers pre-qualified, exclusive insurance leads while also providing the industry’s best customer service.

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