Calling aged leads

Three tips for calling aged leads

Any insurance agent who has tried calling aged leads for sales knows it can be difficult but the return on investment is often worth the trouble.
However, too many agents are leaving a lot of meat on the bone.
Sure, aged insurance leads are cheap, but the whole point of purchasing them was to take advantage of that massive ROI.

Calling aged leads requires more than one call

This isn’t just a mistake insurance agents make while calling aged leads, it’s one they make with fresh leads too.
One call-through isn’t enough!

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact.

You should utilize a dialer to be more efficient with your time. Then, make several rounds through your aged leads list.
Start with two on the first day — one in the morning and the second one around 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Leave a short voicemail

Keyword:  Short.
Don’t leave a long droning voicemail or the insurance lead will get annoyed, delete it, and be more likely to ignore your future calls.
This is a good script to follow:

Hey, (lead’s first name)! This is (your first name). I’m calling you because I have great news about that final expense information you requested! Give me a call back at (your number). Again, this is (your name) at (your number).
A good voicemail is 30 seconds or shorter. And it’s important to leave a good one because 80% of calls wind up going to voicemail.

Follow the calls with an email

After the second call, send the lead an email.

Email is the preferred source of communication for 72 percent of consumers.

It should say something like:

Hey (lead’s first name), its (your first name) getting back to you about your request for the new information. I’m the local field underwriter in your area so call me back real quick to setup delivery. Thanks (lead’s first name), again its (your first name) at (insert number).
Use a CRM to track who is opening, responding, or clicking through to your website.
If after several call-throughs and emails the lead still isn’t engaging, you can throw them into a drip campaign to see if you can’t squeeze one more sale out of the list.
Ready to give aged leads a try? Secure Agent Leads has aged leads available in certain states. Click here to see if we have them in your area.

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