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Earn more insurance commission door knocking

Knocking on doors to earn insurance commission is something that has undeservingly fallen out of favor due to high popularity to telesales.
However, selling insurance in-person is much easier as insurance agents can sell themselves as opposed to the idea of insurance.
It isn’t as easy as going up to a door an offering them a policy, though.
Door knocking requires some strategy if you aim to earn sizable insurance commission.

Have a clear goal

When you go door knocking, your goal should be to get in the prospect’s house.
It isn’t to make a sale on the porch.
Everything you do at the door should be to build the trust to get inside.
Do this by showing them the card they filled out if they came from a direct mailer, call them by their first name, ask them how they are, and all other relationship-building strategies.
Knowing your pitch is incredibly important as well so you aren’t stumbling around and showing a lack of confidence.

Know where the insurance commission is

Do you know the demographics that are more apt to buy your product?
Find out where they typically live in your area and go cold door knock to supplement your income!
For example, if you’re selling final expense go to senior housing.
If there’s places you think are being neglected by other insurance agents for some reason, give it a shot once because they may appreciate an agent giving them attention.

Prepare for objections

Some typical objections you’ll get are:
“I’m busy” or “I don’t have time.”
Have a quick rebuttal ready, remain positive and enthusiastic, and be polite as you ask to step inside once again.
One we like is:

“I understand. I’ll be very brief. You can even start a stop watch and kick me out after five minutes if you’d like.”

“I already have my burial taken care of.”
Again, remain positive and enthusiastic. Compliment them on being prepared and agree with them. Do not be defensive. But ask to step inside once again.

“That’s very impressive. Most people don’t take time to plan or prepare. I’ll just give you a quick, free quote then. Should we sit in the living room or at the dining room table.”

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