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Why You Should Sell Medicare Insurance

A huge margin of the insurance agents purchasing from Secure Agent Leads sells life insurance or final expense but don’t sell Medicare supplements or medicare advantage. The ease of adding medicare to your portfolio and selling it at an appointment for final expense should open agents’ minds a little more. Especially considering the similarities in the market. Lots of insurance agents don’t want the hassle but maybe with these ideas they’ll have a better idea of how they’d sell Medicare and reconsider.

How to keep your clients

There’s no question that every year there’s a rush to keep your clients on your book. But if you really know the plans and what you’re able to offer your medicare leads, you’ll be OK. Understanding the pros and cons will help you explain what is most beneficial to everyone. Staying in contact with your clients is huge, too. They’ll talk to their friends and family and find out if they’re not getting the best or most current plan.

Look at service as opportunity

Stop thinking of everything service oriented as a hassle. When following up with your client, look at it as an opportunity. You could potentially find out there’s an opening for a cross-sell. And it’s not like you’re giving up something for nothing anyway. You’re making money off them every year they’re on your book so take care of them and they’ll stay. Also, by staying in touch by either sending out mailers to your clients or calling them just to check up, you might reach others in their family. Maybe their spouse is turning 65 soon. By reaching out, boom,  you’re selling medicare supplements or medicare advantage to someone in the same household.

Separate yourself by educating

If you’re in a hyper-competitive market, your potential client is likely receiving hundreds of mailers when they turn 65. To separate yourself, be an educator on medicare supplements and medicare advantage. Prove to them that you’re there to do what’s beneficial to them. Don’t come off as super salesy right off the bat. Take your time and get to know your medicare leads during your presentation and what their current plan is. After that, explain to them the differences in their plan and yours and why it would benefit them to switch.
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